The Whitcomb 4-Star Senior Living Community in St. Joseph, MI
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For Peace Of Mind...Say "Ahhh"!

Since no one knows what the future may bring, our residents enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their needs will be met should they face a health challenge.

Our 24-hour professional healthcare staff is close at hand should the need arise, and regularly scheduled hearing and blood pressure checks, podiatry visits, eyeglass repair and more are routinely available.

Onsite we provide two levels of healthcare, based on individual requirements:

Personal Assistance
Everyone needs a little help now and then; for example, the resident who just had cataract surgery and needs a healthcare professional to check in on them during their first night at home. The Personal Assistance option provides specialized nursing services or nurse-aide assistance, as contracted by the resident. With this level of care, you can choose a la carte personal assistance as you need it.

Assisted Living
Residents who need ongoing assistance will appreciate the savings involved in paying one low monthly fee for a variety of nursing services, including delivery of medications. Nurse aide assistance is also standard for daily essentials, including grooming, dressing and preparing for bed; two baths or more per week; night checks, and transportation to and from anywhere you need to go within the Whitcomb.

This level of high-quality care eliminates the "what ifs" of potential healthcare needs.

Have questions? Give us a call at (269)983-2513 or click here to request your FREE Retirement Guide.


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