Check out our available rooms and estimated cost to stay at The Whitcomb! We also offer Personal Care Plans and ala carte options are available, please call for more information.

Floorplans-We are in the process of getting floor plans for all our rooms, we ask for your patience if the room you are interested in has not been updated.

Step 1 - Choose A Unit

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Unit Size
Rent Select
211 180sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1050
308-9 480sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1650
411-12 460sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1650
418 400sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1450
419 400sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1450
420-21 800sq.ft. (floorplan) city $2000
508 300sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1250
529 500sq.ft. (floorplan) lake $1650
618 400sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1450
622 400sq.ft. (floorplan) city $1450

Step 2 - Dining Costs

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Step 3 - Personal Care Options

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